How to Host a Board Meeting Effectively

How to Host a Board Meeting Effectively

Hosting a board meeting is a challenging task. You must balance the need to keep your team engaged in a focused, informed, and enlightened manner while creating an environment that encourages collaboration and open communication. When you’re managing a board meeting in person or remotely from a variety of locations, you can utilize best practices to ensure that your meetings are more productive and enjoyable.

Finding It Hard to Stay Focused

The new discussion topics that pop up during your meeting may eat up your time and divert your team from the primary agenda items. It is essential to give these topics the attention they deserve, while also keeping in mind the goal of advancing the goals of your organization. You can accomplish this by adding a «parking area» to your agenda, where you can put non-urgent issues put on hold for consideration later.

Following a Clear Sequence

A good board meeting will have a clearly defined structure. This includes the call to orders as well as the review of the boardbook and the explanation of procedures and the agenda of action items for the coming days and the discussion of both old and new business, and the adjournment. This lets you get straight into your key questions and stay on track.

Making sure your meetings are focused isn’t always easy, especially when the topic causes a lively debate. However, a lively debate can be beneficial when you can resolve the issue and move forward with your agenda. It’s a waste of time to repeat previous discussions in your meeting.

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