What Does a Boot Scan Do?

What Does a Boot Scan Do?

A boot scan is a powerful feature that is offered by a variety of antivirus programs that can eliminate malware that cannot be eliminated using normal methods. This kind of virus is able to be hidden in the boot sector or encrypt files and is usually more difficult to eliminate than a regular runtime scan. It is also very important that you make sure to use an antivirus that can perform a boot scan as this kind of virus isn’t only more difficult to detect but can also be extremely dangerous.

Avast Boot Scan is an effective way to find hidden threats. It can identify threats which are usually overlooked by runtime scans, and remove them without affecting Windows’ operation. It can take a long time to complete the scan as it will have to scan all your system files. It is therefore a good idea to shut down non-essential startup applications and disconnect external storage devices to allow the program to concentrate on internal files. It is also recommended to schedule the scan for times that you will not be using your trustfulwonderful.com/data-room-software-shows-the-effectiveness-in-usage computer for any other purpose.

To enable Avast’s Boot Scan, first you must open the antivirus program and choose the settings menu. Select the Protection tab in the settings menu. Then, click on the Boot-Time Scan tile. You can select whether you want to enable a full or quick scan, install the most recent definitions, and configure the actions that will be taken when a threat is detected.

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