The Benefits of a Board Portal Solution

The Benefits of a Board Portal Solution

A board portal solution can give directors more time for strategic decisions, and less time for meeting administration and logistics. In order to make this a reality it is crucial that your board management software offers a robust feature set to allow admins to streamline the day-to-day meeting management tasks and allow directors to spend their time focusing on strategic decisions, not petty logistical items.

Directors can prepare for meetings and review meeting materials in their own way due to the capability to create and edit the book in real-time across various platforms and devices. This is especially true for Gen 3 board portal solutions which are designed to work on all types of devices and platforms, including iPhones iPads, laptops, and Kindle Fire.

This type of unified access permits directors to review materials while they are traveling or away from the office. Additionally, a good provider can provide a range of support options for users, like tutorial videos, FAQs online training, and one point of contact.

The best board portals also incorporate all the different options that directors require to perform their job efficiently – document management, communication and voting, as well as reporting. It is not necessary to manage multiple tools or platforms which can lead to increased operational costs and complexity. Board portals can be accessed from any device, whether it’s an iPhone, a laptop, or a desktop. This lowers the learning curve for directors and makes the user experience more interesting.

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