Share Files Between Companies Without Risking Data Integrity

Share Files Between Companies Without Risking Data Integrity

Sharing files with colleagues and clients is a crucial part of any business process, no matter if it’s an Excel document or a PowerPoint presentation. Many employees use their personal email accounts to conduct this task, which could put sensitive information of the company in danger and cause loss of productivity.

There are many file-sharing platforms that provide business-grade security that allows businesses to collaborate easily and safely. When selecting a file-sharing application, consider accessibility and scalability, as well as integration capabilities with other software and systems used by your business. Egnyte for instance, offers mobile apps and cloud storage, which allow employees to edit and share files from any location.

In the past, transferring files between computers required protocols for file transfer or physically copying discs to transfer them over (affectionately known as «sneakernet»). Nowadays, businesses have much better options with secure file sharing services that allow you to collaborate across time zones and geographical locations without risking data integrity.

With a secure file-sharing service it is possible to share any size file simply by selecting them, and creating a link for them to send. This link is accessible by a customer or colleague from anywhere in the world, no matter the device they are using to view the files. This is ideal for companies who deal with clients who are from different time zones or countries. Some services offer a log of who downloaded the files. This aids in accountability and provides an audit trail.

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