Deal Tracking Software

Deal Tracking Software

Deal tracking software can help companies manage the conversion of potential customers into sales leads. It improves the results by creating transparency and accountability in teams.

It assists in identifying real opportunities sooner, progressing deals faster, and ultimately promoting revenue growth. With artificial intelligence and machine learning, it helps identify opportunities that are worth the money so that reps can cultivate them according to. It also lets you automate playbooks and allows you to monitor the important metrics and performance factors that are important to your business.

FreshSales allows you to create an individual sales funnel, with different stages that track your entire sales process, from lead generation to closing. Track events in chronological order to see your contacts engagement levels all in one location and pinpoint areas to improve. Intelligent automations and integrations make it easy to manage your clients, even when you are on the move.

You can manage your deals just as easy as managing clients, with a deal screen that appears similar to whiteboards. You can add notes, appointments attachments, notes, and other contacts. Create custom deal screens that correspond to the business types of each of your departments like one to manage software and one for mortgages. From the dashboard, you can swiftly switch between deals by pressing an icon. Zia the smart assistant can help you stay on track with your day-to-day tasks using voice commands and a quick search.

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