How to Run the Perfect Board Meeting

How to Run the Perfect Board Meeting

Board meetings are an amazing chance to shape the direction of a business and bring together brain power to navigate turbulent waters and calmer seas. If they are conducted properly boards meetings can have a significant influence on the direction of a business. But without a clear structure and discipline meetings can turn into a failure and a hassle for all those involved.

It is essential to set the tone by bringing the meeting to order and addressing any items of a formal or personal nature. After confirming that a quorum has been achieved then move on to the next item on the agenda and start the main discussion. This is typically the time to discuss important organisational changes, crucial points of contention, and strategies to guide the company towards achieving its goals.

If you’re concerned about the length of your meetings, reduce on reports and other «have-to’s» by encouraging your officers and committee chairs to share short, bullet-point summaries. This gives you more time to engage in strategic discussions and ensures that your attendees won’t get bored or distracted by long conversations.

Make sure to send all relevant documents to your attendees prior to the meeting (committee and staff reports, Board packs, and any other documents that are contextual). This will help to speed up the meeting and will encourage participants to prepare in advance. Begin the meeting by asking any clarifications or follow-up questions that came up from the pre-read material. Then get right into the most important discussions.

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