What to Include in Your Data Room for Investors

What to Include in Your Data Room for Investors

It is crucial to establish an Investor Data Room regardless of whether you’re raising Seed/Angel funding or Series A funding. This virtual «room» is used to share and keep track of all of the information that an investor needs in order to make a decision about investing in your startup.

Investor presentations are the most obvious thing to include in your data room for investors. This will give investors an overview of your company’s history as well as financial model and forward-looking projections. The information you provide can be included in your investor dataroom in order to streamline due diligence and allow investors to dig deeper into the details.

All of your current accounting records should be in your Data Room for Investors. This will provide the historical www.vdrdata.com/vdr-security-features-to-consider-when-choosing-which-solution-is-right-for-you/ data investors require for an analysis of your cash flow discounted. A solid financial model that enables investors to examine the various assumptions and resilience of your company to market volatility is a must in any Data room for investors. Many startups struggle with this kind of model and often seek out an expert to do so. Sturppy is an online financial modeling platform that is user-friendly and simple to use. It is used by more than 4,000 startups.

Based on the stage of your company and stage, you might also need to include:

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