Datasite Review – Datasite Data Room Features

Datasite Review – Datasite Data Room Features

Datasite is a well-established virtual data room equipped with powerful tools that can help companies close deals more quickly. It offers a robust support system that lets customers contact its representatives through email, chat or phone in up to 14 different languages.

DataSite provides a cloud-based platform that aids due diligence and assists investment bankers, M&A professionals and law firms close deals using folder indexing and file organization, as well as simple document retrieval. DataSite also has specific access controls that allow administrators to determine who are able to view, edit or download files. Redaction is a feature that automates due diligence by automatically identifying sensitive information by its image and text redaction.

Data encryption is available in transit as well as in. A vulnerability assessment program lets independent experts test out the platform’s defenses. Additionally, Datasite is HIPAA compliant and is certified and audited under the ISO 27001 environment. Staff members receive regular training on security requirements and annually ratifies their code of conduct and confidentiality agreement.

Due to its capabilities, Datasite has been recognized as one of the most effective data rooms by industry analysts. Datasite is used by numerous companies that are in the legal, financial, oil, energy, banking, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, technology, and banking sectors. It offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to upload files and arrange them into directories. Drag-and-drop as well as intelligent file uploading capabilities reduce the time required to prepare an information room.

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